Dry Skin in Summer Causes: 5 To Know

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Now that we’re heading into warmer months, you might think you’ve left dry skin behind with your thick sweaters and hot chocolate by the fireplace. Think again! Dry skin has no deadlines; it can strike on any day, on any hour, and in the middle of any weather pattern. Chances are, you’ll probably notice dryness here and there. We’ve rounded up the top 5 dry skin in summer causes to help you recognize how it starts before it comes in full force.  

1.) Weather

It’s no surprise that changing temperatures can lead to summer dry skin. With rampant humidity and the blazing sun, we recommend moisturizing as much as possible and including products with an SPF of at least 30 in your daily skin care routine.

2.) Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are a must in the summer. While they provide relief from all the heat, they can also dry your skin out faster than you can imagine. ACs tends to soak up all the oils from your skin, so we suggest avoiding them if you can. If you can’t (and let’s be real, you probably won’t be able to), take the AC in small doses.

3.) Hot Showers

Most of us enjoy for hot showers in autumn and winter and don’t usually change our ways come summer. Yet, hot showers coupled with constant AC creates the perfect recipe for skin dehydration. Lukewarm showers or even cool baths are better for your skin in the summer and they’ll help you beat the heat!

4.) Swimming

Summer and swimming go together like fall and pumpkin spice everything. As fun as it is to take a dip in the pool, chlorine leaves your skin feeling unusually tight. We suggest showering immediately after swimming and following up with a good moisturizer.

5.) Dehydration

Raise your hand if you’re always sweating during the summer. Think of all the water you’re losing! Replenishing your body’s fluids is absolutely crucial to keeping yourself healthy, both inside and out, especially when it’s hot. The more water you drink (within reason), the better it is for your skin.

No matter causes your summer dry skin, Sebamed can help! Keep a few of our moisturizers and creams on hand to keep your skin looking and feeling pretty all season long. Our full product lineup can be found here.

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