Aloe Vera for Skin: Clever Tricks

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Every so often, a treatment option comes around that can do wonders for every part of your body. Coconut oil and shea butter come to mind, but our personal favorite would have to be aloe vera. The gel of this mighty plant has dozens of functions that revolutionize the way you take care of yourself, both inside and out. We’ve created this graphic that illustrates both the most popular and the more obscure uses of aloe vera for skin.

aloe vera uses

While you may have recognized some of the uses of aloe vera, we’d like to delve a little deeper into some of the lesser-known ways that aloe vera can help you. From a DIY hand sanitizer to a gentle yet effective makeup remover, aloe vera has your back!

Dandruff Relief

Much like Sebamed products, one of aloe vera’s uses is to stabilize the pH of your scalp. Massage the gel into your scalp and wait ten minutes before rinsing with shampoo. Your dandruff or scalp psoriasis will be gone in no time at all!

Hand Sanitizer

This one’s for all the essential oil lovers out there. Combine lavender oil, tea tree oil, and witch hazel with aloe vera gel and vitamin E for soft, germ-free hands. Here’s a recipe we’ve been loving. It doesn’t dry our hands out and it smells amazing.

Night Mask

It’s no secret that your skin goes through a restoration period while you sleep. If you want to help the process along, try an aloe vera night mask! Blend together the gel, three inches of cucumber, and half an egg white for the perfect night-time beauty treatment.


When you exfoliate gently and infrequently, you allow the true radiance of your skin to shine through. Aloe vera makes a wonderful base for a homemade face scrub! By softening your skin and encouraging the supply of oxygen to your skin cells, aloe vera uses its powers to strengthen the skin’s tissue.

Makeup Remover

Chances are, your favorite makeup remover contains agents that cause eye irritants. Because the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, you need something gentle to take off your makeup. Pure aloe vera gel on a cotton ball gets the job done just as well as any other makeup remover, but doesn’t cause irritation.

While aloe vera works hard for you and your skin, we recommend investing in a skin care routine that’s just as effective. Look no further than Sebamed! Our comprehensive range of washes, lotions, and creams put you on the path to healthy skin. Check out our full lineup here.

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