Skin Dehydration: 4 Ways Water Helps Your Skin

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We all know that water is absolutely essential to healthy living. If you don’t drink enough water, dehydration sets in; your organs shut down, you’re sluggish, and you can’t think straight. Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your skin. (Breakouts, dryness, inflammation, oh my!) Skin dehydration is a real thing, and its effects can be devastating. Getting your 8 glasses each day is a surefire way to stay on the path toward healthy skin. Here are 4 ways that drinking enough water changes your largest and most visible organ for the better.

Decreasing Dryness

When you’re dehydrated, your body begins to prioritize the areas that need hydration the most. More often than not, your skin is left out of the equation–not drinking enough water can lead to the irritation, flakiness, and itchiness that comes along with dry skin. Reinvigorating your skin by making sure you’re always hydrated can keep dryness at bay.

Controlling Breakouts

When you’re sick, you drink fluids to flush the germs out of your body as quickly as possible. The same thing goes for your skin. To get your breakouts under control, staying hydrated can help detoxify your pores and regulate your skin’s oil production.

Improving Elasticity

Maybe you’ve heard of this simple trick to check for dehydration. If you pinch a small amount of skin on the back of your hand and let it go, notice how long it takes to bounce back. Hydrated, healthy skin bounces back within a couple of seconds, but dehydrated skin takes more time to return to its place. If your skin’s lacking in elasticity, try drinking more water.

Radiance, Radiance, Radiance

Hydration makes your skin glow like no other. It flushes out toxins, keeping you from looking dull or washed out. Because drinking water combats both dryness and breakouts, your skin’s visibly smoother, giving you that radiant, youthful appearance we all strive for.

In addition to drinking water, a skin care routine packed with moisturizing products helps you combat skin dehydration. We’d love to help you embrace the skin you’re in! Check out our range of moisturizers here.

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