4 Baby Cream Myths, Debunked!

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Crafting the perfect skin care routine for your baby can be difficult. Baby skin is incredibly delicate, so it needs more love than adult skin. The skin’s natural barrier develops over time; since children are not born with it, they are extremely vulnerable to skin conditions, including baby rash, cradle cap, and baby acne. To protect baby’s skin, we recommend investing in a good baby cream. Yet, there are several myths surrounding baby cream and whether or not you really need it for your child’s skin. We took the time to separate fact from fiction in this infographic.

baby cream myths

Now, let’s debunk these myths!

1.) Natural Remedies Are Better Than Baby Cream

In some cases, natural remedies, such as colloidal oatmeal and petroleum jelly, perform at the same level as baby cream. However, natural remedies are not pH-balanced and may be too acidic for infant care. 00Your child’s skin craves lotion & moisturizer that is formulated to the pH level of healthy skin and won’t leave them vulnerable to newborn rash. Baby cream always delivers! We recommend using it after each newborn bath to give your child healthy skin from day 1.

2.) Any Baby Cream Is Suitable for Any Baby

Everyone’s skin is different. Something that irritates one child may soothe another. Each baby cream on the market varies in formula, so there is no one “golden formula” that works for every child. When trying a new baby cream, we suggest using a patch test. Apply the baby cream to a small, inconspicuous area to see how baby’s skin reacts before applying it to the entire body.

3.) Baby Cream Protects Baby Skin Against Anything and Everything

One of the best things about baby cream is that it forms a protective layer of film on the surface of baby’s skin. This film safeguards baby’s skin from environmental stressors, but is not completely impenetrable. You should still be sure to protect baby against excessive heat, extreme cold, and sun exposure.

4.) Baby Cream Won’t Treat Skin Conditions

We love that baby creams are thicker than regular lotions, which means they provide additional protection against dryness. In fact, baby cream even acts as a diaper rash treatment and an eczema treatment. Because baby cream gives your child’s skin the love it needs all while treating skin conditions, we think it’s an essential part of every child’s skin care routine.

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect baby cream or looking to revamp your newborn baby care routine, we’re here to help. Sebamed offers a comprehensive line of gentle baby skin care products that promote the development of baby’s skin barrier with each use. Check out all of our favorites for baby here.

baby cream myths

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