How Sebamed Skin Care Works

The Science Behind Healthy Skin


Everyone wants and deserves healthy skin. Besides the fact that it looks beautiful, healthy skin is also a sign of good overall health.


Knowing how important your skin is, you’d think that all of the skincare brands and advertisements would make it easy to care for the largest organ in your body. However, many of the skincare products on the market actually contain pH levels that weaken your skin.


To help you achieve and retain healthy skin, we proudly formulate every Sebamed product to a pH balance of 5.5. Any other pH level—such as that found in traditional soap, for example—may contribute to the breakdown and deterioration of your skin.


Let’s Get Specific


Did you know that your skin has a protective barrier that defends itself against environmental irritants and dehydration? In fact, your skin’s surface is covered with a hydrolipid film called the acid mantle.


This film is slightly acidic (pH 5.5) and essential for supporting the barrier functions of the outermost layer of the skin (the Stratum Corneum). 150 clinical studies have confirmed this as well: maintaining that pH level of 5.5 reinforces your skin’s acid mantle against environmental stress. Pretty amazing, right?


When the Barrier Breaks


If your skin barrier is disrupted, it can become overly sensitive and dry. The skin then becomes vulnerable to outside (e.g., allergens, irritants, weather, infection) and internal (e.g., stress, hormones, diseases) factors that can trigger skin inflammation.


The end result? Your skin loses moisture through unprotected cracks in its outermost layer, becoming more prone to infections.


How is Sebamed Different?


Since the 1960s, Sebamed has pioneered cleansing and skincare products that are free of soap. Our products match the acidity level of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier (pH 5.5) to support your skin’s natural barrier and healing ability.


Help your skin heal itself by trusting the science behind healthy skin.