Summer Skin Care: 6 Tips to Transition from Spring Skin Care

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Warm weather is around the corner! While we’re patiently waiting for trips to the beach, summer road trips, and general fun in the sun, we’re currently stuck in this transitional period. Can we get away with wearing shorts? Should we bring a jacket just for the morning? Many of us are quick to transition our wardrobes and our diets. (Summer body? Are you in there?) But, don’t forget about your skin! Skin care is just as seasonal as fashion; your routine should change with the weather. Here are our favorite summer skin care tips to help you transition from spring skin care.

Lighten Up!

Winter, and even spring, is a time of heavy moisturizers. If you’re a skin care addict like us, you might be applying at least two to three creams a day. Building up too many layers of moisturizer can leave you feeling greasy during the summer. As you see the temperatures rising, begin cutting back a bit.

But, hey, don’t get us wrong! We aren’t telling you to completely eliminate moisturizer from your routine. In fact, it’s just as important as ever to nourish your skin. We recommend transitioning to a lighter formula. For example, if you couldn’t get enough of our Hydrating Body Milk this winter, try our Moisturizing Body Lotion. Lighter, more airy lotions and creams are key.

SPF is Your Friend

Our biggest summer skin care tip? SPF, SPF, SPF! Chances are you’ll be out and about this summer. This gives the sun’s UV rays the chance to cause irreversible sun damage. Embrace an SPF of at least 30 to ensure that you’re protected. Also, be sure to reapply each hour, especially when swimming.

Give Sun-Damaged Skin Some Love

As painful as they are, sunburns are unfortunately a part of life, even if you use SPF. (We all forget to reapply; it happens to the best of us.) Ease the pain by applying ice or aloe vera gel, and relieve flaking by using a gentle moisturizer. For more on sun damage, click here.

Go Ahead, Wear Less Makeup

Many of us, myself included, enjoy wearing less makeup during the summer. I love the feeling of the warmth on my skin, but I’m not here for the way my makeup might look at the end of a hot day. I’m more likely to skip foundation and concealer during the warmer months just to let my skin breathe! But, if you’re a full glam girl, nothing’s stopping you.

Cleanse if You Need To

Sweat is summer’s most common side effect. You may feel like your skin’s a bit more oily than usual, which means you might experience a breakout or two. If your skin can handle it, feel free to cleanse a little more frequently to combat sweat. Just be sure to choose a gentle cleanser and use lukewarm water.

Stay Hydrated

This isn’t just a summer skin care tip, but a summer body care tip. Staying hydrated lets you keep the fun going! Dehydration can creep up quickly, so be sure to carry around a reusable water bottle. This helps you protect yourself against nausea, headaches, and dry skin.

Prepping for summer skin care? We can help! Sebamed offers a wide range of gentle cleansers, light moisturizers, and antiperspirant products to give your skin a healthy glow during warmer months. Plus, our mild, pH-balanced formula is incredibly gentle and suitable for all skin types. Check out our complete product lineup here.

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