Newborn Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

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For parents, there’s nothing like bringing home a new baby. They’ve been anticipating baby’s arrival and are so excited to finally meet them. While many of us spend weeks preparing the nursery, packing the hospital bag (for both mother and child), and making sure everything is perfect, we also have to consider newborn skincare. Newborn skin is extremely sensitive; anything and everything can cause irritation. Here’s everything you need to know about newborn skincare. Let’s give your child a lifetime of healthy skin, shall we?

First Off, Babies Don’t Have a Skin Barrier

Here at Sebamed, we’re always discussing the skin barrier. Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin that prevents irritants from penetrating the deeper layers. This layer, also called the acid mantle develops over time. We aren’t born with it. Without a skin barrier, your newborn is more vulnerable to environmental irritants than you are. Using baby skin care products that are formulated to foster the skin barrier’s development is a must. Try our Baby Wash Extra Soft and our Baby Cream Extra Soft to keep baby’s skin healthy and soft!

Consider the Weather

Raise your hand if you notice a difference in your skin as the weather changes. (Same here!) The same goes for newborns! Babies are more prone to heat rash, since their sweat glands take time to develop. Dressing them in loose clothing, complete with a hat and SPF 30 (at least!) helps to lower their risk.

There’s a Proper Way to Bathe a Newborn

Because baby’s skin is extra delicate, there are a few things to keep in mind when bathing her. The water should be warm, not hot; the newborn skincare products should be gentle; and the towel should be hooded. We also recommend bathing baby twice or three times a week to avoid drying their skin out.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Sticking with the bath-time theme, be sure to follow up each bath with baby lotion. This seals in moisture and prevents dry skin, which can lead to future skin concerns. Don’t be afraid to moisturize in between baths, as well! Bonus points if you put a humidifier in baby’s room to further help with dry skin.

Careful Diapering is Key

Changing diapers is just another part of parenting. Change baby frequently and always, always wipe thoroughly with baby wipes to prevent irritation. Once baby’s bottom is clean, we recommend applying diaper cream, or warm water from a squirt bottle, and patting dry. You may also want to allow a few minutes to let the moisture air-dry, protecting baby against diaper rash. If he does get diaper rash, fear not! Apply ointment to the affected area and let baby wear a loose diaper. Exposing the rash to air speeds healing!

No matter your newborn skincare needs, we have you covered. Sebamed offers a wide range of baby products that are pH-balanced, gentle, and dermatologically-tested. Each Baby Sebamed product strengthens your child’s skin barrier, giving them healthy skin from the first day. Check out our complete baby range here, and products for the rest of the family here.

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