Shaving Tips: 4 Tricks to Steal from Dad

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Father’s Day is around the corner, and we have a lot to thank the men in our lives for. Over the years, our dads, grandpas, uncles, and father figures have given us the world. In addition to stealing their life advice, we’ve also been known to steal a few skin care tricks here and there, especially when it comes to shaving. Here are four of our favorite shaving tips for soft, smooth skin.

Shave, then Cleanse

This is a big one. Yes, we get that it’s tempting to cleanse before shaving, since it softens the hair and makes shaving more effortless. But, you can get the same effect by rinsing your face. You also have to think about your skin. After shaving, your pores are open and exposed to the elements, which means they can be easily clogged. Cleansing after shaving purges your pores of any impurities that may have found their way in. Plus, using a gentle cleanser, like our Liquid Face and Body Wash, helps soothe nicks.

It’s all in the Technique

Just like everything else, there’s a right way to shave and a wrong way to shave. Before you begin shaving, wet your skin and hair and apply your favorite moisturizing shaving cream. Then, always, always, always shave in the direction that the hair grows! This helps prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation. And, be sure not to pull your skin taut during shaving, which can cause further irritation. We recommend rinsing after each swipe and replacing your blades often.

Invest in a Good Razor

Next on our list of shaving tips: take a look at your tools! Even though cheap razors might make your wallet smile, they can actually harm your skin over time. Every man’s skin type and beard coarseness is different. It’s imperative to choose one that suits yours! While it may be tempting to purchase razors with multiple blades (hello, close shave!), you’ll be more prone to razor burn. Multi-blade razors are notorious for getting a little too close to the skin, pulling on hairs too deep below the surface. If you have sensitive skin, the fewer blades, the better!

Aftershave, Aftershave, Aftershave!

We can’t say enough good things about including aftershave in your skin care routine. It smells good, it hydrates the skin, it soothes irritation. I mean, what’s not to love? Aftershave also acts as a nice protective layer over your skin, locking in the smoothness. Just be sure to choose one that is free of alcohol, such as our Men’s Aftershave Balm.

The next step after shaving? Skin care. Here at Sebamed, we have you covered no matter your skin type. Our mild, pH-balanced products soothe the skin and strengthen its protective barrier with each use. Sebamed’s formulations essentially eliminate the need for specially medicated skin products. Shop our complete range of cleansers, moisturizers, and skin care favorites here.

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