Here’s Why You Need to Go Soap-Free This Winter

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Yup, you heard us right. Not using soap can genuinely benefit your skin — especially in the winter. Let us explain, most products containing soap are incredibly harsh for your skin, it can even damage it. Winter is already tough on your skin, so why use products that cause more harm?

Here we breakdown the reasons why you should ditch soap products and go soap-free this winter. Also, we explain why soap-free products are just as effective without the skin-drying effects.  

What Does Soap-Free Mean?

Before we get into the meaning of soap-free, let’s talk about the scientific definition of soap.

Soap is a cleansing agent made with a strong alkali solution — typically a mix of sodium hydroxide and natural fats and oils. Soap cleanses by surrounding oil particles on the skin and making them easy to wash away with water. 

Soap-free products, on the other hand, are not made with an alkali solution. Unlike soap, they are made without a mixture of fats and alkaline additives. Soap-free products contain emulsifying ingredients that break up excess dirt and oil, cleansing skin.

Soap-free face cleansers are best for people with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Why Should You Avoid Using Soap?

Soap Disturbs Your Skin’s Natural pH

One of the main reasons why soap is a skincare enemy is because it wreaks havoc on the skin’s pH.

To give you a quick refresher on skin pH, healthy skin has a pH of 5.5. Products with an unbalanced pH level — typically anything above a 7 pH — damages the protective layer on your skin called the acid mantle. 

A damaged acid mantle makes your skin prone to inflammation — eczema flare-ups and increased acne breakouts. Also, using products with too high pH can cause premature aging.

Most cleansers containing soap have a pH level of 9 or 10. Yikes! That’s why it’s essential to opt for soap-free products. Soap-free cleansers are pH-balanced and help to restore your skin’s protective barrier. 

Soap Make Winter Itch Worse

There’s nothing more dreaded than winter itch, and using soap could be making it even more unbearable. 

Harsh winter conditions draw moisture out of your skin, causing dryness and itchiness. When you use soap cleansers, it makes your skin even drier and itchier. Soap cleansers strip your skin of the natural oils and lipids that keep skin moisturized and healthy. 

Even if you have oily and acne-prone skin, it’s still advised you stay away from soap cleansers. Why? Soap washes away the oils that help fight bacteria — resulting in increased acne breakouts. 

Make the Switch to Soap-Free

Healthy and vibrant skin begins with your skincare regime. Eliminate harsh chemical soaps and bring in gentle soap-free products. All of Sebamed’s face and body cleansers are soap-free and ultra-nourishing.

Start your morning with our Liquid Face and Body Wash. With a moisturizing complex of Pentavintin vitamins and Allantoin, this gentle wash moisturizes the skin and alleviates winter itch.

Another option is our soap-free bar cleanser. Formulated to pH level of 5.5, this cleansing bar gently removes dirt and oil without disturbing your skin’s delicate acid mantle. It’s even mild enough to use on your face and body.


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