5 Baby Skincare Tips Every Mom Needs to Know

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Being a mother to a beautiful, bouncing baby can be a joyful experience, but it can also be challenging– especially for new mommies. Many new parents are concerned about properly caring for their baby’s skin. 

A baby’s skin is very tender and sensitive, and if not cared for, will develop allergies and rashes. You must use products that will not irritate their skin. If you’re overwhelmed, don’t be. Here’s a baby skincare guide for new parents.

Baby Skincare Tips

Don’t Bathe Too Often

Most new parents prefer to give their baby a bath every day, but this isn’t necessary. Frequent bathing dries out the baby’s skin. This also removes the oils that protect against infection.

Two or three lukewarm baths a week is enough. Therefore, bath time should be no more than 10 minutes–this is ample time to shampoo and wash the essential areas. 

Use a gentle and mild baby wash that is non-toxic and free of dyes, deodorants, and parabens. The Sebamed Baby Gentle Wash and Baby Bubble Bath are formulated for your baby’s fragile skin. It’s free of irritating ingredients and will leave baby’s skin clean and nourished.

Dry your baby in a warm environment with natural cotton or soft microfiber towel. A rough cloth will scratch or irritate their delicate skin.

Skip the Baby Powder If You Can

Some baby skincare experts warn against using powder on your baby. Why? It could cause lung damage if inhaled. If you must use powder, purchase the kind made for babies and free of fragrance. 

Also, don’t apply directly to the baby’s skin. Instead, shake a little powder in your hands away from the baby and apply a thin layer to the baby’s skin. 

Keep Baby’s Skin Moisturized 

Baby’s skin is naturally dry, so it is crucial to keep it moisturized. After bathing, it’s crucial to moisturize immediately. Doing this will prevent moisture already in the skin from evaporating. 

Don’t be shy with the creams and lotions. It’s recommended to apply a thick layer to the baby’s skin. The thicker the moisturizer, the better. The Sebamed Extra Soft Baby Cream is ultra-thick and protects against dryness.

Clean Skin Folds

While it’s important to keep baby’s skin moisturized, you must also make sure it isn’t too damp. Excess moisture gets trapped in skin folds resulting in rashes and irritation. To prevent chafing, redness, and peeling, clean skin folds twice a day.

Gently wipe areas with a damp washcloth and baby wipe and pat dry. The Sebamed Extra Soft Baby Wipes are alcohol-free and keeps baby skin folds clear of irritation.

Be Prepared for Skin Conditions and Rashes

Since your baby’s skin is adjusting to its new environment, it is super prone to rashes and skin conditions like eczema baby acne. Skin conditions in newborns are common and will clear up if treated properly. 

Your pediatrician would prescribe and an ointment to keep itching and inflammation under control, but some over the counter creams work well also. The Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream calms irritation caused by eczema and saliva. 


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