5 Halloween Skin Care Tips

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We can’t wait to indulge in our favorite candies, perfect our costumes and makeup looks, and watch a horror movie or two. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday spirit, but you can’t forget about your skin! You still need to take the time to give it the love it needs. Here are a few Halloween skin care tips to keep in mind this month so you can head into November and December with beautiful skin.

Patch Test, Patch Test, Patch Test!

Chances are you’ll be wearing a little more makeup than usual on Halloween. And, that’s awesome! We love seeing crazy, fun makeup looks flooding our social media feeds. If you’re going to be using makeup that your skin’s not used to, you may experience some skin irritation. We recommend testing your makeup of choice on a small, inconspicuous area before doing your complete look.

Don’t Overindulge

With the spreads of cupcakes, candy, and cookies waiting for you, it’s tempting (and easy!) to eat too much. Just remember that whatever you put into your body shows on your skin. We suggest eating balanced meals throughout the day, and treating yourself to a handful of sweets. No breakouts here!

Remove ALL Your Makeup

Though you may feel too tired to wash your face after spending all night at a Halloween party, it’s worth it. Trust us! Letting all that makeup sink into your pores overnight can lead to breakouts down the line. If you wear more makeup than normal, a double-cleanse may be in order. Begin with a gentle makeup remover, such as a micellar water, and follow up with your favorite cleanser for sensitive skin.

Be Careful With Glue

Halloween makeup usually involves glue and body paint, which are more difficult to remove than regular cosmetics. Many body paints can stain the skin, but resist the urge to scrub. Instead, prep your skin with primer or moisturizer, and use a gentle oil to counteract adhesives.

Exfoliate After Makeup Removal

Halloween skin care doesn’t end once you remove your makeup. To be sure that your skin is completely clean, we recommend carefully exfoliating. This ensures that your skin will be rid of all impurities, dead skin cells, and remnants of makeup. Just be sure to apply lotion & moisturizer before heading to bed!

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