Easy Halloween Makeup Removal Tips!

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It’s the time for ghouls and spooktacular frights,

Candy, costumes, horrible sights!

Do you hear that? It’s near…

The fang-tastic delight of devilish cheer!

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Everyone loves getting into the spirit of the season with trick or treating, fabulous costumes and killer parties. But the one thing you don’t wanna freak out over is taking your Halloween makeup off at the end of the night.

Whether you’re dolling yourself up for a night on the town or are going full Dracula, you’ve gotta take all that makeup off before bed (unless you’re cool with looking even scarier the next morning!).

3 Steps to a Perfectly Clean Post-Halloween

Make sure you clean your face after your festive fun with these 3 easy steps…


Splash your face with warm water


Apply cleanser, then gently rub it across your skin

makeupremoval_04 2

Rinse it all off!

What Cleanser Should I Use to Remove My Halloween Makeup?

Our Liquid Face & Body Wash is perfect for this. If you’re planning on getting a little crazy with your costume this year and trying something like body paint, use a really gentle and soap-free body wash like our Spa Shower to remove it.

Just follow these simple tips to keep your skin healthy on Halloween, and you’ll be ghoul-den 😉

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