Traditional Bar Soap and Why You Need to Toss It

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We’re all familiar with a classic bar of soap. They’re all over the market. There might even be one or two in your skin care routine right now. Traditional bar soap may help clean you, but it doesn’t give your skin the love it needs. Long story short, soap wears down your skin barrier, leaving you vulnerable to skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. We’re breaking down the reasons why you need to ditch bar soap and start embracing soap-free products.

What is Traditional Bar Soap?

Let’s take a look at the definition of soap. According to good ol’ Google, soap is defined as “a substance used with water for washing and cleaning, made of a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali, and typically having perfume or coloring.”

Sounds like a mouthful. Basically, soap is a cleanser that has both natural ingredients and chemical ingredients. Natural ingredients are amazing, but the chemicals trip us up. Strong alkali just sounds harsh, and it’s harmful to your skin, but we’ll touch on that later. And throwing perfume into the mix? A disaster for sensitive skin.

Why Should You Toss It?


Is soap bad for you? The answer to this question is two-fold. Using bar soap breaks down your skin barrier over time and eliminates helpful bacteria from the surface of your skin.  

Do It For the Acid Mantle

As mentioned before, bar soap contains alkali, which is not compatible with your skin’s acid mantle. It chips away at your skin barrier, increasing your risk of skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, opting for a soap-free cleanser will not aggravate your sensitivity. Bonus points if you choose a soap-free wash that rebuilds your skin barrier!

Do It For the Bacteria

We know, we know. Wanting to preserve the bacteria on the surface of the skin seems counterintuitive. Bacteria gets a bad rap, especially during flu season, but the bacteria on your skin are different than the bacteria that causes sickness. In fact, your skin’s bacteria even helps immune cells fight off infections. Cleansing your skin with soap kills off that good bacteria too quickly. This leaves you vulnerable to illness in addition to skin conditions. Bring on that soap-free goodness!

It’s Not Soap, It’s Sebamed!

Giving up traditional soap is rough, but Sebamed can help. Our cleansers and shampoos are 100% free of soap, but still give you the same clean you get from your favorite bar of soap or shampoo. While most products on the market strip your skin of its natural barrier, Sebamed works to restore and strengthen your acid mantle. Our unparalleled pH 5.5 formulation eliminates the need for specialized products and prescription skin care.

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If parting with your bar soap is easier said than done, we’re here for you! Our Cleansing Bar is our flagship product, looks like your favorite bar of soap, and gives your skin the love it deserves. Check out our complete product lineup here.

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