Winter Skin Treatment vs. Fall Skin Treatment

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Lower temperatures, the holiday spirit, and fall fashion make the period between fall and winter my favorite time of the year. My skin, however, begs to differ. My skin feels irritated more easily, feels more dry, and itches more frequently. To ease my skin through the transition from fall to winter skin care, I make a few adjustments to my routine. I’ve outlined some of my favorite strategies and methods in the infographic below.

Winter skin care

When I’m transitioning from fall skin care to winter skin care, moisturizer becomes my best friend. I have dry skin throughout the year, and because of the cold, dry, winter air, my skin dries out even further. Often, I have to moisturize at least twice a day, focusing on particularly stubborn areas like my hands and elbows. I always turn to Sebamed’s Moisturizing Body Lotion, which moisturizes your skin while restoring and strengthening your skin barrier. The function of the skin barrier is especially important during the winter months due to the harsh environment.

I also find it essential to have a hand lotion that I can easily reach for, since my hands are often cracked and bleeding in winter. To spare myself the discomfort, I first apply a thin layer of Vaseline to ease the stinging. I then put Sebamed’s Hand and Nail Balm on my hands. Once I have properly moisturized my skin, I’m able to move onto the rest of my transitional routine. I experiment with makeup, treat my fine lines and wrinkles, and take advantage of SPF. Healthy skin is the foundation for any winter routine, so keeping my skin happy is my number one priority!

Maintaining healthy skin throughout the winter months is tough, but we’re here to help. Sebamed offers a wide range of products that serve as winter skin care staples. Check out our full collection of creams, washes, and lotions here.

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