5 Myths About Acne

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When it comes to dealing with acne, there are plenty of remedies. From DIYs, old family tricks, and acne cleansing products, we’re separating fact from fiction to help cure your breakouts.

Myth: Acne is Genetic. Diet Doesn’t Matter.

Wrong! Genetics play a role in acne, but your lifestyle choices affect your skin, too. If your parents had severe breakouts while growing up, your chances of developing acne problems are higher. But your diet is something that you can control.


Change your diet! Eat less sugary foods and avoid dairy products. Skip fried foods, too; they’re often packed with unhealthy fats.

Myth: Avoid Chocolate at All Costs.

Well, this is good news! It’s just a myth. What may be causing rapid breakouts are the amounts of sugar and dairy ingredients added to your food. These two ingredients increase your blood cortisol levels, which worsen breakouts. Foods that include pasta and breads also do this.


Eat dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa or higher. With more cocoa, chocolate will not increase your blood cortisol levels as much.

Myth: Only Teens Get Acne.

Many adults experience acne. Acne can start during adulthood, and even relate to hormonal fluctuations, so it’s important to take care of your skin at any age.


Cleanse regularly! Toners help remove dust and dirt off the surface of the skin, and face cleansers work to clear the dirt in pores.

Myth: You Should Pop Your Pimples.

Popping pimples can create scarring and holes in your skin that don’t go away! It may make the pimple less noticeable in the short run, but it spreads bacteria onto other skin cells, which can cause more pimples to form.


Take a sterilized needle to the pimple. Since the skin is already dead, it should cause no pain! Using a needle keeps the bacteria from getting pushed deeper into the skin. Less dirt in your pores, less pimples!

Myth: Exfoliate a Lot!

Too much of anything is never good. Exfoliating is an important part of any skin care routine — it removes dead skin and makes skin appear smoother. But be careful! Over-exfoliating can actually lead your skin to produce more oils.


Limit the number of times you exfoliate! Dermatologists recommend sticking to two to three times a week.

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