5 Skin Care Rules We All Need to Follow

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When it comes to skin care, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” regimen. You have to take into consideration the variety of different skin types and add in the fact that there are countless skin cleansers, moisturizers, toners and face washes to choose from. However, there are a few skin care rules that we should all stick to, regardless of skin type.

Avoid Touching Your Face

This is a rule that I tend to break often. When I’m sitting at a desk in mid-thought, I catch myself with my hand resting on my chin or profile and I quickly pull away. The U.S. National Institutes of Health found that people touch their faces an average of 3.6 times each hour. Our hands are in constant contact with millions of germs living on keyboards, doorknobs, cell phones and railings. Keep your hands away from your face to avoid unwanted breakouts.

Find the Right Treatment For Your Skin Type

I’ve spoken with people who have complained about greasy skin, yet they’ve applied very thick moisturizers at night before bed and avoided using toners as part of their skin care routines. I’ve also met people who voiced concerns about their overly dry skin, but they usually overwash and under moisturize. Finding a good balance in your skin care routine can be tricky, so you’ll need to play around with a few combinations before getting it right. Oftentimes, it’s not as tricky as you may think. If you have really greasy skin, you’ll probably want to lay off over-moisturizing. If you have dry skin, don’t overdo it with toner. I have combination skin, so I’ll gently wash in the evening, tone after a wash, and put on a light moisturizer before bed. (Likewise for my morning routine.)

Don’t Try Too Many Acne Treatments At Once

When dealing with acne, it’s understandable that many people would want to layer on different products in a short amount of time to get fast results. Sometimes products can cause irritation if they don’t mix well together. To keep your skin from becoming distressed, stick with one brand of products and give it some time. Oftentimes, it takes a few weeks for treatment to take affect.

Don’t Over Scrub or Over Cleanse

When you’re dealing with an acne breakout, scrubbing your skin makes things worse and can compromise the skin’s protective barrier and increase irritation. Gently wash with a non-irritating, pH-balanced cleanser to lessen inflammation. One of my favorite solutions is Sebamed’s Liquid Face and Body Wash. The wash is specifically formulated to a pH level of 5.5, the exact pH level of healthy skin. It moisturizes my face without making it greasy, and it’s gentle yet effective without the affects of drying out my skin. When cleansing your skin, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse with water as leftover residue can cause irritation.

Don’t Stop Your Skin Care Routine Once You Clear Up

People usually pay attention to their skin care routines when they’re trying to get rid of a problem. However, skin care maintenance is just as crucial to prevent acne breakouts and other irritations. Take preventive measures to avoid problems, and I guarantee your skin will love you for it!

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