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It's that time again and given the challenges this year, we decided to bring you some cheer in the form of holiday gift sets!

A lot of us will have to mail our gifts this year, so we've released our sets earlier than usual to give you plenty of time. Plus all of the sets below are eligible for free shipping in the continental US.


The ultimate stocking stuffers for those you love, our PRO! Holiday Duos consist of a PRO! Serum and Cream to hydrate and balance your skin with probiotics.

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Hydrate Duo

Give the gift of premium skincare this year! This duo features our PRO! Hydro Serum that's filled with probiotics, powerful antioxidants, and niacinamide to leave the skin looking smooth and healthy.

It also features our PRO! Active Protection Cream that is not only deeply moisturizing, but also contains rosemary leaf extract that is tough on sun damage.


Vitalize Duo

Your loved one will light up the room after using our Vitalize Duo. It features our PRO! Vital Serum that revitalizes the skin while alleviating visible signs of tiredness, helps to plump the skin, and replenishes moisture.

It also includes our PRO! Energizing Cream that smooths wrinkles and firms the skin while counteracting elasticity and moisture loss.


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Renew Duo

This stocking stuffer packs quite a punch. It features our PRO! Intensive Serum that helps to calm redness and is designed to help restore skin heavily exposed to sun and free-radical damage.

It also includes our PRO! Renewal Cream that intensely moisturizes, helps to calm irritation, and plumps the skin reducing the look of pronounced wrinkles.



These deluxe sets are great for under the tree, winter birthday gifts, or simply to splurge for your loved ones with premium skincare.

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Winter Skin Kit

Holiday cheer and dry skin do not go together. Beat dry skin by updating your whole routine with this dry-skin fighting kit. Our Emulsion will gently remove makeup and cleanse your body without stripping your skin’s natural barrier. Our Hydrating Lotion formulated with shea butter absorbs quickly to keep your body nourished all day, without feeling sticky.

In the morning, reach for the Anti-dry Day Cream to hydrate and protect your skin for the day ahead with ingredients like avocado oil. Then sleep away dry skin with our Night Intensive Face Cream, which contains deeply moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil.


De Stress Home Spa Duo

WFH, homeschooling, social distancing and now the traditional stress of the holidays... it’s time to de-stress! Our De Stress Home Spa Duo is a combination of aromatherapy and nourishing skin care to turn your shower time into me-time. This duo includes our Spa Shower that features water lily extract known for its hydrating and relaxing properties.

After your calming shower (or bubble bath), massage our Nourishing Body Milk, formulated with jojoba oil and shea butter, into your skin to lock in hydration. This self-care duo is like a luxurious hug for your dry winter skin.


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Mama TLC Kit

This kit is a perfect treat for the mamas in your life. Having a baby is an amazing experience, yet it can cause stress on mama and certain parts of her body. Have a calming soak in the tub or shower with our relaxing Spa Shower featuring water lily extract known to relax people. Frequent night feedings can wreak havoc on the delicate skin around the eyes, so hydrate with our PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream powered by probiotics to refresh the eye contour.

Then treat your skin with our Anti-stretch Mark Cream designed to both reduce and prevent stretch marks with avocado oil and shea butter. Finally, indulge with our Q10 Firming Body Lotion that deeply moisturizes with argan oil and helps restore the skin's elasticity.


Skin Stress Relief Kit

Is your skin starting to feel the stress of the winter on top of the need for frequent hand washing and sanitizing as we head into cold and flu season? Ours too. Our Skin Stress Relief Kit is the perfect gift set to relieve the stress on your hands.

It includes our highly moisturizing Fragrance Free Cleanser and Lotion, powered by phytosterols, to calm irritation. It also includes our Hand + Nail Balm for more targeted hand care throughout the day that can be taken on-the-go. Your dry skin will be supple again in no time!


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Head to Toe Glow Kit

This kit features our most luxurious premium skincare products to make sensitive skin glow for the holidays. Start with a most gentle cleanse of the face and body with our Fragrance Free Cleanser. Then treat the face with our deeply replenishing PRO! Vital Serum powered by probiotics and Bengali coffee extract, resulting in smoother and more vibrant skin. Continue by boosting the eye area with our PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream that fights free radicals and calms inflamed skin.

Then lock in all of that moisture with our PRO! Energizing Cream that helps build collagen and elastin in the skin. After all that TLC to the face, the body deserves some care too and it will rejoice with our Q10 Firming Body Lotion. While the coenzyme Q10 in the formula works to restore skin elasticity, its argan oil and shea butter will leave your skin looking radiant.


Head to Toe Renew Kit

This kit levels up our Head to Toe Glow for our loved ones with dryer and more textured skin. Start with our Olive Face & Body Wash for a more emollient cleanse. Then treat the face with our PRO! Intensive Serum powered by probiotics and botanical extracts to restore skin exposed to sun and free radical damage. Continue by boosting the eye area with our PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream.

Then lock in all of that moisture with our PRO! Renewal Cream that helps to calm irritation and plumps the skin reducing the look of pronounced wrinkles. After all that special care to the face, the body deserves some TLC too with our Q10 Firming Body Lotion. The coenzyme Q10 in the formula will work to restore skin elasticity, while its argan oil and shea butter will leave your skin looking radiant.


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Flawless Face Kit

The holidays are stressful enough, so we won’t let stress breakouts bring you down this year! Our Flawless Face Kit features our Clear Face line which is formulated for acne prone skin.  Start by cleansing away the day with our Clear Face Cleansing Foam. This cleanser is designed to remove impurities, makeup, and dirt without stripping critical moisture. The next step is the Clear Face Facial Toner. This toner gently cleanses excess sebum and oil to balance skin and prevent breakouts. 

Finish off your skincare ritual with Clear Face Care Gel. Care Gel targets breakouts while keeping skin moisturized, but not oily. This kit also contains our fan favorite Clear Face Acne Spot Gel. Keep this spot gel handy for the occasional pimple that pops up unexpectedly.  Your skin will thank you!