Psoriasis Quiz: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Welcome to our psoriasis quiz. The quickest way to answer the question, “Do I have Psoriasis?” Psoriasis can be scary to patients who have it. It is one of the world’s most common skin diseases, but the continued publishing of incorrect and sometimes downright misleading information only makes the condition more elusive. And even scarier to people who have psoriasis. Add the fact that there is currently no known cure for psoriasis, and the situation becomes more worrisome to the more than 7.5 million Americans with psoriasis.

Why Take a Psoriasis Quiz?

In short? To confirm the facts and dump the fiction for good. In order to sift through a lot of the myths that are out there, I’ve created a true or false type of psoriasis quiz for you to take. Every question is based on my extensive research and purely factual, derm-verified information. So after taking it, you’ll be a lot less worried and much more informed about the condition. Ready to jump in?

Take the quiz here.

Beyond Taking a Psoriasis Quiz, What Can I Do if I have Psoriasis?

If you or a loved one has psoriasis, learn as much (accurate information) about the skin condition as possible. Definitely see a dermatologist, but make sure that you develop a solid sensitive skincare routine as well. Check out our 10 Essential Psoriasis Care Tips here to get started. We also have many products that are safe and effective to use on skin with psoriasis. Just sort by Conditions filter in the left hand side of the screen


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