How to Exfoliate Sensitive Skin: Your Official Guide

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It’s no secret that we all want to have clear skin. We dream of smooth, beautiful skin that’s free of breakouts, blemishes, and signs of aging. Clear skin is clean skin, and sometimes, we need a method of cleaning that goes beyond your average cleanser. Enter exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, and other impurities from the surface of the skin. Exfoliating isn’t complicated, but for those wondering how to exfoliate, there are certain things to keep in mind. We’ve outlined what you need to know when learning to exfoliate, especially if you have sensitive skin.

how to exfoliate

Choose Products That Agree With Your Skin

When you have a skin condition, you know that certain products aren’t going to suit your skin. A traditional exfoliator or scrub may be too harsh for you, and that’s okay. Fancy products aren’t necessary for effective exfoliation. Your favorite cleanser, such as our Liquid Face and Body Wash, and a soft cloth work just fine.

Think Carefully About Your Method of Exfoliation

This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Skin that’s easily irritated will not respond well to being scraped with a rough cloth or a harsh chemical exfoliator. We’ve found that dry skin responds well to a washcloth. If you have oily skin, you can get away with using a more intensive method, such as a stronger chemical treatment. Yet, if you have darker skin or are prone to dark spots, be careful about exfoliating too roughly. You may end up seeing more dark spots on the skin.

Be as Gentle as Possible

Though you may be tempted to slough the dead skin off and go in with a heavy hand, too much exfoliation does more harm than good. Chemical exfoliators need to be gently applied and massaged into the skin with care. Short, light strokes or circular motions are a must if you’re using a brush or a cloth. Being kind to your skin is always more effective than being rough.

Always Follow Up With A Moisturizer

When you exfoliate, you’re removing dead skin cells and other debris on the surface of your skin, which means that you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to dryness and skin irritation once you’re done. Moisturize immediately to lock in hydration and prevent dry skin! We suggest using our Moisturizing Face Cream for radiant skin throughout the day.

Set a Frequency and Stick to It

The trick to crafting a good skin care routine is consistency. Changing up the products you use and how often you use them can throw your skin for a loop. The same thing goes for exfoliation. We recommend exfoliating the skin 1 to 2 times per week at the most. However, if you notice any redness or irritation, using an exfoliator every other week may be sufficient.

Whether you’re learning how to exfoliate or are an exfoliation pro, Sebamed can help you create a skin care routine that helps you maintain healthy skin. Our wide range of cleansers, moisturizers, and creams are suitable for all skin types and are pH-balanced to protect against skin conditions. Check out our complete lineup here.



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