Glowy Winter Skin in 5 Easy Steps

Seasonal Skincare, Skincare Solutions January 17

Dry, cracked, flaky winter skin? Not here!

And we’ll let you in on a little secret: you can have it too – RIGHT NOW! Make these five simple adjustments to your daily routine and embrace gorgeous, luminous skin that defies wintertime.

1. Hydrate.

H2O is a snow bunny’s best friend.

Glowy Winter Skin in 5 Easy Steps

Common misconception: our bodies don’t require as much water during colder months. Not true. Optimal water intake stays the same year-round. Doctors and nutritionists alike recommend drinking half your bodyweight in water daily. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs: 150 lbs / 2 (or half) = 75 ounces of water per day…or roughly four and a half bottles of water.

2. Bundle Up.

Because you “needed” a reason to accessorize.

Glowy Winter Skin in 5 Easy Steps

When Coco Chanel said her famous line, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” – it must not have been winter. While layering and keeping warm is obvious for the season – you may not see the science as to why. Keeping our skin warm, particularly in sensitive areas – such as our hands – increases blood flow. This supports cell turnover and aids in helping our skin maintain its regular routine, uninterrupted. Let your face enjoy the natural de-puffing effects of the lower temperatures, but make sure the rest of you stays warm!

    3. Wear Sunscreen.

    You may have forgotten about the sun, but it didn’t forget about you.

Glowy Winter Skin in 5 Easy Steps

“Even when the sun doesn’t appear to be shining brightly, its rays are there, working their damage,” says Dr. Judith Reichman, an M.D. at Los Angeles’s Cedars-Sinai. Whomever put the idea in our heads that cloudy skies equals reduced U.V.? In reality – there’s no dependability whether we’re receiving less harmful U.V. rays in winter versus summer. And, on the off-chance that overcast skies lead to a phenomenon called the “broken-cloud effect,” where U.V. levels reach their highest — apply liberally!

    4. Limit Bathing & Showering in Hot Water.

    Save it for a cozy cup of tea or mug of cocoa.

Glowy Winter Skin in 5 Easy Steps

While thawing out your winter skin may feel glorious, you’re actually causing damage by doing so. Heating up your skin, just like the process of sweating during your favorite TRX workout or pilates class, draws out moisture. Your body may feel luxuriously warm, but your skin will be devastatingly parched. Our advice – opt for lukewarm or room temperature showers and apply a full body moisturizer (like our Hydrating Body Milk) directly after. And if you absolutely cannot avoid a scorching shower session, make sure you have an in-shower moisturizer, like a Jergens, to maintain your skin’s hydration while you defrost. Which leads to the final point —

    5. Moisturize.

    Winter skin is thirsty skin.

Glowy Winter Skin in 5 Easy Steps

The low air humidity in winter means less moisture available for your skin. Applying a moisturizer, not just to your face, but to your entire body, gives back the hydrating nutrients your skin is craving. Dry, cracked, flaky skin is really just thirsty skin! And serving up a thirst-quenching, nutrient-rich skincare cocktail is our business. Apply our Moisturizing Face Cream and Moisturizing Body Lotion post-shower and throughout the day for #selfie worthy skin all winter long!

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