Galentine’s Day: Uplift Yourself and Your Gal Pals

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If you’ve managed to dodge cupid’s arrow this year, that’s totally fine. Who needs a valentine when you have your best gal pals? Gather up your friends and get together for a Galentine’s Day date. Yes, an unofficial holiday for celebrating your girl squad is a thing. 

Observing Galentine’s Day not only allows you to spend some QT with your most beloved friends, but it gives you the chance to empower each other.

Showing you appreciate your friends is also a great way to help boost their self-esteem. Keep reading to learn more about Galentine’s Day and how it increases your well-being.

What is Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day originated from the hugely popular show Parks and Recreation. The character Leslie unofficially made February 13th the Day to celebrate her female friends. This fictional alternative to Valentine’s Day is now nationally recognized and has even become a tradition for some.

Why is celebrating your friends so important? Friendships play an integral role in our lives. They help you define yourself in the world and provide stability.

According to the Mayo Clinic, healthy friendships improve self-confidence, lower stress, and help you deal with life challenges. All of these things contribute to boosting your self-esteem. Also, friendships reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and depression. 

As you can see, forming bonds with your female pals has many benefits. One way you can keep these bonds strong is by getting together for Galentine’s Day! 

Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Of course, Galentine’s Day isn’t another Hallmark holiday used to sell things. It’s a day to check in with your friends and uplift each other. Bored with your typical brunch? Here are a few ways you can celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Exchange Hand-Written Letters

We may be in a digital age, but don’t underestimate the power of a good handwritten note. Studies show that personal handwritten notes are appreciated more than a text —regardless of the quality of the handwriting. 

So, grab and pen and paper and pour your heart out. Don’t just shower them with compliments but show them you value their presence in your life. This is a sure way to give your girlfriends a self-esteem boost.

Host a Themed Movie Night

Plain movie nights are fun, but the themed ones are even better. Choose a classic chick flick and throw a movie party centered around its theme. You can also have your friends dress up as characters from the movie.

Go on a Road Trip

Celebrate Galentine’s Day Crossroads style and take a trip with your besties. Together you can enjoy scenic views and the freedom of the open road. You don’t have to drive across the country either, just research nearby destinations worth exploring.

Have a Beach Day

Nothing says self-care like stretching out on a lounge chair. Grab some bubbly and your closest pals and head to the beach. The relaxing ambiance is perfect for girl chat and heart-to-heart conversations. 

Make Every Day Galentine’s Day!

You don’t need a holiday to let your girlfriends know you appreciate them. Spending time with them and being supportive will surely uplift and empower them. A little care goes a long way. 


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