Sebamed USA Minimum Advertised Price Policy


Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy/Agreement



Sebamed is a premium brand of skincare products that tailors to all skin types, specifically sensitive skin and other delicate skin conditions. Sebamed is most known for being an industry leader in skincare products that are formulated at a pH level of 5.5, the level of healthy skin. Sebamed’s premium positioning in sensitive skin care is due to its focus on high quality research and development practices as well as consumer education and marketing efforts.


SebamedUSA recommends a suggested retail price for each of its products. We reserve the right to modify recommended prices at any time. If you need a reference to SebamedUSA’s current recommended retail prices, they can be found here at



This Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP) is effective January 1, 2017 and replaces SebamedUSA’s existing policy, applicable only to accounts in the United States. From the effective date, (i) advertisements for the Sebamed brand products that indicate a net discount from the recommended retail price below 10% of suggested retail price are not permitted in any medium, including but not limited to online banner ads, websites, printed circulars, direct mail, auctions, or email, with the exception of promotions and associated advertisements specifically approved and authorized by SebamedUSA. The MAP Policy ensures that retailers can invest in maintaining superior customer service for their loyal customers without detracting from the value of the Sebamed brand.



This policy applies only to advertised prices and does not affect the actual price at which Sebamed products are sold to a consumer at retailer locations or offered for sale over the telephone. Retailers are able to set their own resale price of Sebamed products for sale within their location at any price they choose below or above MAP. This policy is not directed to retailers outside of the United States as long as the items they sell are approved to be sold in the United States.



Retailers are allowed to claim “they have the lowest price” or “will meet or beat any competitors price” or similar language as long as the advertised or listed price is not less than MAP.



From time to time, Sebamed may have special promotions, and in such cases, MAP will be the same as the sale price provided by Sebamed on those particular items during the dates of the promotion.



MAP Policy is not applicable to any in-store advertising that is displayed in the store and not distributed to customers outside of the store or email newsletters sent to your customer base.



Violations of this policy could result in immediate termination of retailer’s account.



Questions regarding this policy should be sent to SebamedUSA headquarters, in writing, to:





Attn: MAP Policy Admin

9730 Research Drive

Irvine, CA 92618  


Only the SebamedUSA Policy Administrator of this Minimum Advertised Price Policy has the power to change, modify, or enforce this policy. All modifications to the current policy will be recorded and can be viewed here: