As grilling and Father’s Day seasons have begun, we’re reminded that while men need to keep their skin at an optimal pH of 5.5, they have unique wants and needs that Sebamed USA can address!


Men shave their faces and sometimes their heads too! The act of shaving strips the top layer of the skin, which can irritate and dry it out.

We’ve put together a kit that’s not only great for shaving, but also as a Father's Day gift! Check out our Smooth Shaving Kit and other top picks for men’s facial skin care!


While men and women require the same optimal pH of 5.5 to maintain strong skin, men can have different needs.

Some men prefer fragrance free products to feature their favorite cologne. Others who work out before work need to bring their shaving tools to the gym. Sebamed has some great products to address these needs below. We’ve even designed a giftable kit to ensure a body refresh post workout.


Sometimes when we talk about skin, we forget about the importance of the scalp. For men this is key because it is at the core of two common issues: hair loss and flakes in the hair. See our shampoos below to address both haircare challenges.