As the seasons change and the weather warms up, our skincare needs may start to shift. Check out the collections below to address the top Glow Season skincare concerns.

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Sandal Ready

As the weather heats up, we tend to expose more skin, especially on our feet and legs. To get those feet flip flop ready, treat them with our Extreme Dry Foot Cream. This cream exfoliates and deeply moisturizes to restore cracked heels. If the winter left your arms and legs looking like snakeskin, use our Extreme Dry Body Lotion to reset your skin.

Once you restore your skin to normal, you can maintain that supple glow in shorts, tanks, dresses and skirts with our Anti-dry Lotion, Fragrance Free Lotion, or Body Milk enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter.

Spring & Summer Eczema Treatments

Just like spring allergies, eczema can flare up when the weather shifts in the spring and summer. For severe cases, try our Extreme Dry line that contains urea, a powerful ingredient that exfoliates and deeply moisturizers. The line not only includes a face cream and body lotion, but also a shampoo, foot cream, and hand cream for targeted treatment.

Once the flare-up clears, you can switch to our Anti-dry or Fragrance Free line to keep eczema away for the rest of glow season. Both lines have a face and body wash, body lotion, and facial creams to keep your skin radiant from face to toe.

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Antioxidants After Sun

Antioxidants are great to prevent and to help treat the effects of sun damage. When it comes to cleansing, reach for our Olive Face and Body Wash that counteracts lipid loss. Continue with one of our PRO! Serums, that are all rich in free radical fighters. Our PRO! Intensive Serum contains forest lamb mushroom extract, which is not only antioxidant, it also contains grifolin, known for its soothing properties on UV-damaged skin.

The eye area always needs extra moisture, so our PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream is the best bet because it's packed with nourishing oils that all fight free radicals like avocado, sweet almond, and shea. Top off your serum and eye cream with an antioxidant-rich facial cream like our PRO! Active Protection Cream. It features rosemary extract, which contains phytonutrients that are particularly tough on sun damage. Finally, envelop the rest of your body in free radical care with our Q10 Body Lotion that contains argan oil and shea butter.

No Strip Cleanse

Dermatologists recommend more acidic cleansers during warmer weather. Since all our cleansers are at the optimal 5.5 pH, they will all keep your skin at top strength. With all the extra showering after swimming and spending time outdoors this season, its important that you use a wash that won't strip the skin and retains more moisture. Our Anti-Dry, Fragrance Free, and Olive cleansers contain plant extracts to do just that. Our Spa Shower takes it a step further with water lily extract that both retains moisture and relaxes.

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Lighten Up Regimen

As the temperature rises, many of us may feel weighed down by oil cleansers and heavy creams that we used in the Winter and Fall, but don't want to sacrifice quality. For facial cleansing you can switch to our Cleansing Foam and Micellar Waters. They each offer a deep yet gentle clean to keep your skin healthy and supple.

For facial moisturizing, you may want to switch to a water base like our Care Gel enriched with soothing aloe and hyaluronic acid to help the skin retain vital moisture. Another great option is a serum. They are designed to penetrate deeply, so you won't have a heavy feel on the skin's surface. Our Vital Serum is a great choice because it features coffee leaf extract and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin glowing. If you simply want a lighter cream, especially at night, our Energizing Cream is a great choice because it has just enough emollience to maintain vital moisture without weighing you down.

Desert Rose Regimen

For those of us in dryer climates, the glow season dries us out more than the winter! This regimen will keep your skin quenched. Start with a moisture-retaining gentle cleanse with our Anti-Dry or Fragrance Free cleansers.

Then apply our PRO! Hydro Serum to deeply hydrate the face. Then give your eyes some TLC with our most emollient eye cream PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream. Top that off with our Fragrance Free or Anti-dry Day Cream in the AM and with our Anti-dry Night Cream before bed. Finally, keep your entire body soft and supple with our Anti-dry or Fragrance Free lotion.

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Clear Day Regimen

Unlike the desert roses, some of us have skin that goes into oil overdrive in the glow season leading to break outs everywhere! This regimen will give you clear days throughout glow season. Start with our Clear Face Cleansing Foam on the face. For a gentler or double cleanse reach for our Micellar Water for Combo and Oily Skin. It features aloe, witch hazel, and zinc pca to help calm the skin and regulate oil production. Make bacne and chestne a thing of the past with our Clear Face Cleansing Bar.

Treat any blemishes with our spot gel then deeply moisturize with our PRO! Hydro Serum. It's enriched with niacinamide that's known to regulate oil production and improve hyperpigmentation. Top this off with our Clear Face Care Gel. It's a water-based refreshing moisturizer featuring hyaluronic acid that helps the skin retain moisture, thus preventing overproduction of oil.

Don't forget to also moisturize your body to keep oil production balanced. Our Sensitive Skin Body Lotion has a light feel that is great for summer. If you have scars from past breakouts grab our Q10 body lotion instead because it contains shea butter and argan oil, both known to help fade acne scarring.