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Have you been getting a lot of invites to baby showers lately or are you expecting? We have too, so we've put together a gifting guide with our popular kits for baby, some great gifts for the whole family, and a break down of our baby products so you can design your own #SebamedFamily package! All individual items and most kits are subscribable so you can level up your gift or simply never run out ;-)


Here are some great gift sets for baby showers, sip 'n' sees, full moon parties, or just because! They are budget friendly and most include free shipping.


Baby Eczema Kit

When babies are born, they immediately need to build their skin barrier to protect them. Some babies have drier skin in response to their environment and some actually have eczema. This set has everything you need to combat baby eczema and dry skin.

It includes our Baby Cleansing Bar, so you can start with a gentle cleanse directly with the bar or use your hands for a soft touch. It also includes our extra soft Baby Cream to moisturize after bathing and our Baby Facial Cream for touch ups throughout the day. We've also included our gentle Cleansing Wipes to mitigate any dryness that may occur from those frequent diaper changes!


Baby Bathtime Kit

We've put together a bathtime kit that's great for bonding with baby. Our bubble bath is quite cleansing and our bar cleanser is great for scrubbing those last bits. After bathing give your baby a massage with our baby facial cream and rich body cream for extra soft skin.


Baby heybaby kit

Hey Baby Kit

This is a great starter kit for bringing newborns home. Our Gentle Wash and Shampoo are designed for baby's sensitive skin. After bathing, our Body Lotion will soothe their skin with chamomile or take it a step further for dryer skin or diaper rash with our extra soft Cream. Every item in this kit strengthens, nourishes and protects your baby's developing skin barrier.



These are some of our larger gift sets. They are especially great if you want to show the parents, and the Mama in particular, some extra love.


Destress Home Spa Duo

Our DeStress Home Spa Duo is a combination of aromatherapy and nourishing skin care to turn your shower time into me-time. This duo includes our Spa Shower that features water lily extract known for its hydrating and relaxing properties.

After your calming shower (or bubble bath), massage our Nourishing Body Milk, formulated with jojoba oil and shea butter, into your skin to lock in hydration. This self-care duo is like a luxurious hug for your skin.


Mama TLC Kit

Having a baby is an amazing experience, yet it can cause stress on mama and certain parts of her body. We've put together this kit with our relaxing Spa Shower featuring water lily extract known to relax people. After a calming soak in the tub or shower, it's time to moisturize.

Frequent night feedings can wreak havoc on the delicate skin around the eyes, so we included our PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream powered by probiotics to refresh the eye contour. We've also included our Anti-stretch Mark Cream designed to both reduce and prevent stretch marks with avocado oil and shea butter. Finally, we included our Q10 Firming Body Lotion to help restore the skin's elasticity. This kit is a perfect treat for mama.



Baby Deluxe Kit

This kit includes every baby product we carry in its largest size, including our Anti-stretch Mark Cream! This should set your Mama or Daddy friend up for the first two months or more.



Because baby's skin is new to the world and quickly growing, it is essential that the first step in skin care be gentle and balanced to support baby's developing skin barrier. See our various cleansing formats formats from quick clean-ups to fun in the tub.

Baby gentlewash towel pink

Baby Gentle Wash

Get a squeaky clean baby without any harsh soap. This gentle wash is free of soap to keep baby's skin at pH of 5.5. It's also tear-free to avoid the sting of tradtional body washes.


Baby Cleansing Bar

A classic bar cleanser made just for baby! Formulated to be extra gentle with wheat germ oil, chamomile, panthenol, vitamins and amino acids to help baby build a strong skin barrier. Grab a 3-pack so they don't run out! 


Baby bar and bear
Baby wipes

Baby Cleansing Wipes

Wipes are one of the most important products to buy for baby. They’re used to clean messes, big and small, on some of the most sensitive areas of the body. This is why we created a gentle, pH balanced, soothing wipe! Now available in a 3-pack and a 6-pack.


Baby Shampoo

Some babies have a little hair and some have a whole lotta hair. No matter how much hair baby has, the right shampoo will make all the difference in the health of their scalp and hair. Our Baby Shampoo is tear-free, so you never have to worry about the sting.


Baby shampoo
Baby bubblebath and bear %281%29

Baby Bubble Bath

The bubble bath, a classic at any age, but for babies it’s time to play in the warm water and wash away the day. Our Bubble Bath is the perfect bath time companion because it’s gentle and effective.



Moisturizing is essential to maintain the strength of baby's skin barrier and can also keep common ailments like diaper rash and baby eczema at bay. We even have a special moisturizer just for mama ;-)

Baby Lotion

Applying lotion after bathtime is a critical step in both baby-bonding and skin care. This classic lotion is designed to lock in moisture and prevent common skin ailments and irritation with ingredients like allantoin and Chamomile Recutita extract.


Baby bodylotion
Baby cream

Baby Cream Extra Soft

Cold, dry weather can be tough on anyone’s skin, but especially baby’s. When baby needs a heavier moisturizer, reach for this cream.


Baby Facial Cream

A baby’s face is exposed to all kinds of irritants, like dry air, drool, and even tears. That’s why this pH balanced baby facial cream is perfect for alleviating dry, irritated skin.


Baby face cream capped
Baby antistretch v2

Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

This one’s just for mom (and dads. Or really anyone who has stretch marks!). Stretch marks are simply a fact of life for everyone, but preventing the itching and uncomfortable feeling that comes along with a growing belly can be beneficial. Our Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is the perfect blend of peptides and shea butter.