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The New Year is often filled with new goals and a focus on health. 2020 was a particularly tough year, so we are focusing on the basics: skin and spirit balance. The collection below features products that give extra care to the skin, especially during the winter months. It also features a few premium items designed to spoil and relax you. 2021 is the year of #SkinTLC.


The first step in healing dry skin is gentle cleansing. Maintaining a 5.5 pH and ensuring skin moisture is restored is key. Our Olive Face & Body Wash is one of our most emollient with a light, hypoallergenic fragrance.

For those with more seasonal eczema or moderate dryness, our Anti-Dry Wash Emulsion gently cleanses skin while giving it room to heal. If you'd rather skip fragrance all together, reach for our Fragrance Free Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.

Finally, if you need a more calming gentle cleanse, our Spa Shower with water lily extract known for its calming scent and hydrating properties is perfect for mild cases of dryness or for a relaxing bubble bath.

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The best next step for winter skin is with deeply penetrating and highly moisturizing treatments to strengthen the skin barrier. Our 3 unique PRO! Serums are formulated with skin-loving probiotics that help rebalance the skin barrier. They penetrate deep into the dermis so you can lock in the moisture with a matching PRO! Facial Cream! Before that it's important to pay special attention to our most delicate skin around the eyes. This skin dries out quickly so it requires extra moisture.

We have two eye creams to target your concerns. Our Q10 Eye Cream contains coenzyme Q10 to support cell growth and yields an average 41% fine line and wrinkle reduction in 28 days. Our PRO! Revitalizing Eye Cream visibly reduces wrinkles and rebalances sensitized skin with probiotics and powerful antioxidants.


We’re now in the heart of winter and that means it’s time to level up your moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, you may need a heavier moisturizer in colder weather. If your skin is now dry or prone to winter eczema, check out our Anti-dry Day and Night Creams. These creams are formulated with phytosterols to restore healthy skin.

For more premium skincare reach for our PRO! Creams. They are not only powered by probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier, but they also enriched with exceptional antioxidants that work to undo environmental damage.

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While it is essential to step up your facial care in the winter because it is always exposed, the skin on your body can suffer from seasonal dryness. Our Fragrance Free Gentle Hydrating Lotion is a great pick to resolve seasonal dry skin or eczema. For more moderate dryness and irritation, our more emollient Nourishing Body Milk is a better solution.

For severe cases of eczema and dryness, reach for our Extreme Dry Repair Lotion formulated with urea. Urea helps to gently exfoliate dead skin, while restoring moisture to heal skin. Once your skin is rebalanced, you can switch to our Fragrance Free regimen to maintain skin health.


We tend to focus on our faces because they are exposed to winter air, but so are our hands! All of the hand washing this winter is likely taking it's toll, so reach for our Hand & Nail Balm formulated with keratin to strengthen and hydrate hands and nails. For more severe cases of seasonal dryness or eczema, our Extreme Dry Hand Cream is an even better treatment. Formulated with urea, it will get your skin back on track quickly, but gently.

On the other hand, your feet may be tucked into socks and heavy boots, yet still suffer from winter skin woes. Our Extreme Dry Foot Cream is perfect to restore cracked heels to health day or night!

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Your scalp is skin too, so making sure it’s balanced is just as important as balancing the rest of the skin on your body. Our shampoos and conditioner are formulated to keep your scalp flake and irritation-free. If you’re suffering from an itchy, flakey scalp, due to the dry winter air, try our Everyday Shampoo to restore scalp health. Pair this with our Repair Conditioner formulated with argan oil to keep hair moisturized.

Tackle more severe cases of scalp eczema or dryness with our Extreme Dry Shampoo. It’s formulated with 10% urea to heal the scalp. After restoring scalp balance, you'll be able to switch to our Everyday Shampoo to maintain a healthy scalp.