How Urea Can Help with Your Extreme Dry Skin

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urea products for extreme dry skin
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The key to youthful and supple skin is moisture. But for those with rough-textured skin, this may seem like a fantasy. But, all hope is not lost. Urea is a substance found in skin creams and lotions that has amazing benefits for dry skin. Want to learn about how this ingredient can transform your skin? Keep reading.

What is Urea?

Urea is a naturally occurring substance found on the top layer of our skin. The liver produces this substance when it breaks down amino acids and ammonia.
This ingredient is a major part of your natural moisturizing factor  — the functions that keep our skin hydrated and protected.

Healthy skin usually contains 28 micrograms of urea per square inch. But, dehydrated skin is deficient in this compound. Those with dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis have a 50-80% reduction of urea. Low levels of this substance means that your skin has a harder time retaining moisture. 

Most moisturizers and creams on the market do not treat cases of severely rough and scaly skin. But what makes urea products different is that they work on a cellular level.  That is why urea is essential for those wanting to treat extremely dry skin.

Benefits of Urea Skincare Products


Urea regulates your skin’s moisture level and provides instant relief for dry and flaky skin. To explain, it is a natural humectant. This means it pulls water from the second layer of your skin and brings it to the top layer.  

Unlike healthy skin, dry skin does not retain moisture. Urea-based products not only hold on to water molecules but they prevent moisture from leaving the skin. In other words, this ingredient gives your skin a serious boost of long-lasting hydration.


Urea has keratolytic properties. This meaning it can remove dead skills cells and buff away scaly and rough skin. This ingredient also helps accelerate skin cell turnover, revealing softer and smoother skin.


Urea allows the skin’s barrier to fight environmental stresses and irritants. With regular use, products with this ingredient build a healthy protective layer. This prevents premature aging and dry skin.


Other skincare creams and moisturizers tend to sit on top of the skin, but products containing urea quickly and easily penetrate the skin’s top layer. When combined with anti-inflammatory topical steroids, it improved their absorption and effectiveness. 

Our Recommendation

Urea is a powerful ingredient that can have miraculous effects on dry and textured skin. While it may be tempting to make it a permanent staple in your skincare routine, this is not necessary. 

Instead, use urea skincare products to improve your skin’s condition. After you see improvements, you should then switch to products that will help maintain the health of your skin. 

If you suffer from dry skin, psoriasis, or eczema, we recommend the SebaMed for Extra Dry Skin with Urea kit. This kit contains body lotion containing 10% urea, a face cream containing 5% urea, and a 5% urea shampoo that soothes a dry and itchy scalp. 

It is worth mentioning that skincare products with this ingredient have a pH of around 6.5, this brings the skin to a less ideal alkaline value. To balance your skin’s pH, daily cleansing with a pH balanced cleanser is advised. The SebaMed Fragrance-Free Gentle Hydrating Cleanser brings your skin to the ideal pH level while moisturizing.

Healthy and glowing skin is within your reach. All you need is this perfectly curated skincare regime with urea included.


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