Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp: 6 Simple Tricks

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Winter skin is no joke. Dry skin, itchiness, and redness run rampant, subjecting you to discomfort and irritation. For many of us, no body part is spared, not even our scalps. We tend not to consider the scalp as a part of our skin. Even though it’s buried under all that hair, it’s important to take care of it, especially during the winter months.

Many treatments for itchy scalps can dry out your skin even further or leave your hair feeling limp and lifeless. Plus, flakes constantly fall from your hair onto your shoulders. Embarrassing, right? Luckily, you don’t have to get worse before you get better. Whether you have dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, or scalp psoriasis, our roundup of itchy scalp home remedies helps you heal without hurt. Check out this infographic of home remedies for itchy scalp to see exactly what we’re talking about. As always with our lists of home remedies, please patch-test treatments on a small area to be sure they work for your skin.

itchy scalp home remedies

Now that you have a handy list of itchy scalp home remedies, you’re well on your way to relief. Just keep this in mind though: when you have an itchy scalp, do not pick it! While picking is so tempting (it quickly stops the itching and is quite satisfying), it leaves you vulnerable to infection. Scratching and picking can also prolong the dryness. As you scratch, you strip your skin of what little moisture it has. We suggest trimming your nails just in case. Replacing the habit of scratching with a more productive practice, like meditation, works too.

If your scalp needs a little extra love on top of these itchy scalp home remedies, we’re here to help. Sebamed’s range of shampoos and conditioners heal your scalp without damaging your hair. Check out our hair care products here.


  1. HI I love you suggestion. How we can look after the hairs and give us some good suggestion how we can save our hair from dandruff?

    1. Hi Terry! Having a healthy scalp can safeguard against dandruff. And our shampoo products are used by dandruff sufferers with good results. There are many home remedies and natural ways to help your body internally heal and we recommend you check out some other blogs on natural remedies. If you’re still struggling with dandruff interrupting your life then seek out a dermatologist. Sometimes what we think is dandruff may be a different skin condition that’s easily medically treatable. Best wishes 🙂

  2. For the past year after a very stressful issue at work, I have horrible flaking (even touching my hair looks like its snowing!) & itchy scalp. Will the above remedies help the flaking & itching? I have NEVER had issues with this before & its mortifying & embarrassing.

    1. Hi Famma! Stress can be such a huge contributor to throwing our bodies out of whack. All of these remedies are great options to help subside the flaking you’re experiencing. Aloe vera may also help with the itching – so we’d recommend that one you try first. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to reach out again!

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