Intimate Wash: Everything You Need To Know

Skin Care 101 March 7

It’s no secret that different parts of the body require different care than others. Just like you wouldn’t use hand cream on your face, you shouldn’t use your regular cleanser on your intimate area. Your intimate area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so it deserves the utmost time and attention. This means investing in a gentle, pH-balanced intimate wash. But, before you do, we’re sure you have questions. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about taking care of your intimate area. Read on for the 411 on feminine wash!

What Should I Look for in an Intimate Wash?

First of all, you want your wash to be gentle. Keep in mind that your intimate area is incredibly sensitive, so you shouldn’t use just anything on it. We recommend choosing a formula that is pH-balanced. Mild, pH-balanced formulas will not cause irritation and will actually provide relief from any itching or irritation you may have.

What’s Wrong with My Regular Cleanser? Why Do I Need a Feminine Wash?

Many cleansers on the market today contain harsh chemicals that dry out your skin. They may also be far too alkaline, meaning their pH level is far higher than the level of healthy skin. Chances are your current cleanser is no different. The last thing you want for your intimate area is dryness, because dryness leads to irritation and redness, not to mention discomfort. Feminine washes are formulated specifically for your genitals, which means they will not leave you feeling high and dry (literally).

What if I Don’t Know How to Use Feminine Wash?

No fear! Using feminine wash is like any other part of skin care. It boils down to personal preference. Whether you want to use your hands or a soft washcloth, it’s totally up to you. We suggest using a small amount, though. You want to make sure to avoid over-cleansing. Plus, it’s a smaller area of the body, so a little product goes a long way!

Should I Choose My Intimate Wash Depending on My Age?

Yes, absolutely. As time goes on, the body changes. Women go through hormonal changes, including menopause, and their skin is more likely to become irritated and sensitive. As a result, mature women’s intimate areas require a gentle formula with a higher pH level. Before menopause, a lower pH level is suitable for stabilizing the skin barrier of the genitals. Sebamed’s Feminine Intimate Wash is a favorite among women all over the world.

When Should I Use My Feminine Wash?

To avoid irritation and odor, we recommend using your feminine wash each time you cleanse the rest of your body. As long as you use a small amount and are gentle when washing, you shouldn’t experience skin irritation. However, always check with your dermatologist and perform a patch test when beginning a new skin care regimen.

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