Green Skin Care Tips for Earth Day

Sebameducation April 19

Earth Day is right around the corner! We’re all familiar with a multitude of changes we can make to show the Earth a little love, such as biking, planting trees, and eating less meat. Yet, there are also changes we can make in our skin care routines that lower our carbon footprint. Who knew? We’ve rounded up our favorite green skin care tips just in time to celebrate our planet. Here’s to you, Mother Earth!

Embrace Value Sizes

There are so many benefits to buying in bulk. By purchasing larger sizes of your favorite products, you save a little cash and a trip to the store. Plus, you’ll also use less plastic. Think about it! It all goes back to surface area and volume. You can order one 400 ml cleanser or two 200 ml cleansers, and the two 200 ml cleansers would require more plastic than the one 400 ml container. The ratio between surface area and volume, in this case, isn’t constant. Crazy, right?

Recycle the Packaging

We know you’ve seen Earth Day decor emblazoned with the recycling logo, and for good reason. Recycling allows the Earth’s natural resources to last longer. Many skin care products, even green skin care, come in plastic or glass packaging, which is super easy to recycle. It might seem like a small thing to toss that bottle or jar into the recycling bin, but it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

Choose Biodegradable Formulas

Biodegradable skin care is the best skin care. Products with biodegradable ingredients can be easily broken down by living organisms. Essentially, this allows them to be absorbed back into the Earth, so they are a little easier on the environment. (Fun fact: Sebamed products are biodegradable! We wouldn’t mind if you brought us along on your next camping trip.)

Plant-Based Ingredients are Key

Vegan skin care is all the rage right now. Plant-based ingredients are kinder on the Earth because they won’t release any harsh chemicals into the atmosphere. Plus, botanically-based products tend to be more suitable for sensitive skin. No irritation here!

Show the Animals Some Love

And, finally, what is the world without its creatures? Animals are among the kindest souls on Earth, and it’s our duty to protect them. Choosing animal-friendly products is the easiest green skin care tip we can offer.

Looking for green skin care that loves the environment just as much as you do? Well, here we are! Sebamed offers a wide variety of skin care essentials suitable for all skin types. Our biodegradable, pH-balanced, mild formulations provide sensitive skin with the love it needs. Plus, our value-sized products can’t be beat! Check out our complete product lineup here.

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