Get Rid of Itchy Scalp Once and For All

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If you’ve ever dealt with an itchy scalp, then you know the pain and irritation that comes along with constant itching and flaking. Scratching the itch is incredibly satisfying, but it won’t get rid of the itch longterm. Many of us with itchy scalp dream of a life without irritation, and we have your back! Here are our top tips to get rid of itchy scalp once and for all.

First, Determine Your Issue

In order to find relief from itchy scalp, you have to determine what’s causing the issue. Each scalp condition needs to be treated differently! You can’t use a psoriasis shampoo on a fungal infection or a fungal cream on head lice. Let’s break down a few common causes of itchy scalp before we get into our treatment tips.

Is it Seborrheic Dermatitis?

Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as dandruff, results in flaky patches on the scalp that are slightly raised and itchy. These flakes are a yellowish color and often differ in size. Dandruff can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal fluctuations, changing seasons, and stress.

Is it Scalp Psoriasis?

Most of us are familiar with psoriasis on the body, but what happens when those little coin-shaped patches find their way onto the scalp? Scalp psoriasis is characterized by thicker sores, burning, and hair loss, making it a more severe condition than seborrheic dermatitis. In fact, scalp psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that your immune system has convinced your body to overproduce skin cells, resulting in those sores.

Is it something else?

There are numerous other causes of itchy scalp. If it doesn’t seem like you have dandruff or scalp psoriasis, you may be dealing with a fungal infection, head lice, an allergic reaction, or contact dermatitis. Even if you’re able to self-diagnose, we still recommend paying a visit to your doctor or dermatologist.

Next, Find a Shampoo That Works

The easiest way to get rid of itchy scalp is to find a good treatment shampoo. Some people find that over-the-counter methods are effective, while others prefer a prescription-strength remedy. We recommend choosing a shampoo that soothes dryness. Treating the dry patches hydrates your scalp, thus eliminating itching and flaking at the source.

You may have to experiment with different shampoos before you find one that works for you. Many treatment shampoos contain harsh ingredients that dry out your scalp even further. We recommend carefully reading ingredients lists and checking in with your dermatologist before trying something new. Our favorite itchy scalp treatment? Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Relief Shampoo! It contains 5% urea for extra hydration with each use. Plus, it’s formulated for all skin types and won’t further irritate your itchy scalp.

Don’t Scratch!

Although scratching the itch and watching flakes fall to the ground might be worth it in the moment, it does more harm than good. Here’s a fun fact for you. When you scratch your skin, your brain registers a pain sensation rather than an itching sensation. Because your brain prefers pain over itching, it feels like you’re getting some relief. But, you aren’t. This effect doesn’t last forever, so once the itch comes back, scratching doesn’t provide the same amount of relief. Not to mention the fact that scratching your skin can lead to infection and further irritation. We know it’s hard to resist the urge. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Try a Home Remedy

Home remedies are great if you have extremely sensitive skin or need something to supplement your topical solutions. Much like when choosing a shampoo, we suggest selecting a home remedy that will hydrate your skin. Bananas, coconut oil, and aloe vera are all intensely moisturizing to give you the results you need.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of itchy scalp or shopping for face and body, Sebamed has you covered. Our wide range of cleansers, moisturizers, and hair products are suitable for all skin types. Each formula is pH-balanced to the same level as healthy skin, strengthening your skin barrier with each use. Check out our hair products here and our complete collection here.

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