5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Fortunately for me, my father is plain and simple when it comes to the holidays. Whether it’s his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day, he’ll always ask me for the same gift — an iTunes card. His easygoing preferences make Father’s Day shopping easy for me, but there are countless people out there who remain stumped on what to buy every year. Below are some thoughtful gift ideas, including your not-so-typical after shave balm, that should appeal to the masses when it comes to Father’s Day goodies.

1) DIGITAL MEDIA. As we advance further into the digital age and many families continue to “cut the cord,” why not get dad a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime? It’s the perfect gift for a man on the go, since it’s computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and Smart TV capable. Not only that, but the service can be used whether he’s at a friend’s house or on vacation.

2) A NEW BREWING STATION. If your dad is a hardcore coffee drinker and his coffee maker needs an upgrade, do him a solid and gift him with a new machine that will make his mornings that much more enjoyable.

3) A PERSONAL TOUCH. If your dad is sentimental like mine, create a personalized photo calendar with pictures of you and the rest of your family. I’ve done this for my father on a few occasions, and he was always touched at how much thought and care went into the gift. He would always hang it up by his desk at work, which sparked countless social conversations with his co-workers.

4) SUMMER GRILLIN’. Summer is here. If you’re dad is a grillmaster (or wants to be), get him something that will add a little “flavor” to his evening dinners. This is a great place to start, http://www.atbbq.com/, and you can choose between accessories and sauces.

5) SEBAMEDUSA MEN’S AFTER SHAVE BALM. If your dad is like my dad, chances are he’s probably never made any changes to his skin care or shaving routine for years. Well, our skin care needs change as we age. Why not give your dad a little nudge in the right direction and introduce him to some new products? This Men’s After Shave Balm by SebamedUSA comes highly recommended by many as the solution for relieving itchy and irritated skin after shaving. Dermatologically and clinically tested, Sebamed for MEN After Shave Balm is recommended by doctors.

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