Top 4 Causes of Rosacea

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At some point, we all experience redness when it comes to our skin. Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have or you stayed out in the sun a little too long. Thankfully, this kind of redness eventually fades, but for some, flushed skin doesn’t go away. Those of us with rosacea are often faced with permanent redness. Yet, what causes this redness and how can we treat it? We like to believe that treatment can stem from knowing what may have caused your skin condition, so we’ve rounded up the top 4 causes of rosacea. Keep these in mind when chatting with your doctor to kiss your redness goodbye!

Blood Vessel Abnormalities

Sometimes, the root cause of a skin condition is physiological. Many dermatologists theorize that rosacea results from anomalies in the blood vessels in the face. These abnormalities may be responsible for the constant flush. While there’s not very much you can do about your blood vessels, awareness is key! Understanding your skin and its condition is the first step of treatment.

Fair Skin

Fair-skinned people suffer from rosacea more often than darker-skinned people. This is especially true if one is prone to blushing or flushing frequently. Again, awareness is key. You can’t change your skin tone, but you can protect yourself against flare-ups with these suncare tips!


Heat of any kind increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. If you suffer from rosacea, it’ll make your flushing, redness, and apparent blood vessels much worse. We recommend avoiding hot drinks, spicy food, extreme temperatures, and hot baths.

Family History

This made our list of causes of rosacea because we all know the power of our genetics. If someone in your family had rosacea, such as a parent or close relative, you’ll probably show symptoms in the near future. This makes learning your triggers all the more necessary. You may not be able to control your skin, but you can control the severity of your condition.

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