December 15, 2015

Why pH Matters

  pH. Two little letters that have a whole lot of importance. The last time you heard about pH might’ve been in chemistry class. Over the last few years, however, … Continue reading “Why pH Matters”

December 04, 2015

Understanding the Skin Barrier

  Somewhere – in some magazine or on some commercial – you’ve likely heard of or read about your skin’s barrier. Information about the skin barrier has become much more … Continue reading “Understanding the Skin Barrier”

December 02, 2015

4 Types of Acne to Know

  Not all acne is created equal. Although it’s safe to say that acne is pretty much always caused by your oil glands pulling overtime and clogging up those otherwise gorgeous … Continue reading “4 Types of Acne to Know”

November 25, 2015

Why Over-the-Counter Skincare Solutions Complement Prescription Medicine

  Corticosteroids. Retinoids. Injections. These are just a few categories of prescription medicine that millions of people all over the world turn to in order to deal with severe skin … Continue reading “Why Over-the-Counter Skincare Solutions Complement Prescription Medicine”

November 18, 2015

Baby Skin: 5 Ways It’s Special

  Bringing up baby means learning about his or her unique developmental needs. One big point of education? Understanding how baby’s skin is different from your own and how to … Continue reading “Baby Skin: 5 Ways It’s Special”

November 12, 2015

Acne Causes and Care Tips

  We’ve all been there with acne: it’s the night of the big date you’ve been excited about all week or the morning of that important job interview when, seemingly … Continue reading “Acne Causes and Care Tips”

November 09, 2015

What the Heck is Q10?

  Meet coenzyme Q10, a wonder among our bodies’ naturally occurring substances. If you’re not yet an expert on this incredible substance, then you’ve likely heard about it as the … Continue reading “What the Heck is Q10?”

October 29, 2015

How Your Age Affects Your Skin (& How to Take Care of It)

    As we age, we aren’t exactly paranoid or even conscious of the effects that growing older will have on our skin, until you realize that…A few brown spots on … Continue reading “How Your Age Affects Your Skin (& How to Take Care of It)”

October 26, 2015

Easy Halloween Makeup Removal Tips!

  Halloween… It’s the time for ghouls and spooktacular frights, Candy, costumes, horrible sights! Do you hear that? It’s near… The fang-tastic delight of devilish cheer! Everyone loves getting into … Continue reading “Easy Halloween Makeup Removal Tips!”

October 14, 2015

Learning the ABC’s of Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation. What’s the big deal? Ok, so you’ve probably been told since you were a little kid that you need to wear sunscreen, right? Perhaps you even remember childhood … Continue reading “Learning the ABC’s of Ultraviolet Radiation”

October 13, 2015

Wrinkle & Line: What’s Behind Aging Skin?

  When a new wrinkle or fine line appears overnight, we’re even more aware of the fact that our skin ages right along with us. Most people can easily recognize the signs of … Continue reading “Wrinkle & Line: What’s Behind Aging Skin?”

October 12, 2015

4 Signs of Psoriasis

  So you have this weird, itchy patch of skin and you’re wondering if it’s psoriasis. Honestly, your skin has been acting so crazy lately, you’ve been like To help you … Continue reading “4 Signs of Psoriasis”

October 09, 2015

Major Eczema Causes

  While eczema causes are many and varied, this skin disorder has marked symptoms, including red and inflamed skin. And when people tell you they have eczema, or you tell … Continue reading “Major Eczema Causes”

September 28, 2015

Dry Skin Care Tips

  Ah, winter. When you think about this jolly season, your first thought likely has nothing to do with dry skin. In fact, it’s probably more something like… The last … Continue reading “Dry Skin Care Tips”