Asian Skin Care 101

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We all want beautiful, glowing, youthful skin. As Korean beauty products continue to take the market by storm, it’s never been easier to get the radiance of your dreams. Products such as creams, serums, masks, toners, and essential oils beautifully enhance your skin like no other. To help you navigate the world of Asian skin care, we’ve rounded up a few of our must-haves for beautiful skin with every use. You might just find your new favorite skin care ritual!

Bubble Masks

Bubble masks are designed to cleanse your skin and promote vitality. The mask’s ingredients will start to react when exposed to air, creating fizzing foam. This will open up your pores, wake up your skin, and absorb nutrients. There are a few different kinds available in the market, so choose your favorite!


Many Asian women follow a 10-step process when cleansing their skin. Typically, they pre-cleanse and cleanse their skin using gentle, oil-based products that are applied in small, circular motions with the fingertips. The first stage of cleaning your face is removing make-up. Opt for a nutrient-rich towelette to wipe off makeup and follow it up with a cleansing oil and lukewarm water, which eradicates bacteria and deep-cleans the skin. Then, use a creamy cleansing milk or foam for an extra level of clean.

Buff, Buff, Buff!

Korean women exfoliate or buff their skin regularly to remove dead skin cells. It’s recommended that you should only concentrate on areas that need extra attention, such as your t-zone and chin. Beware of over-buffing! You can exfoliate your whole face (including your lips!), but only 2 to 3 times a week at the most. For this, we recommend using a face scrub.

A Sleeping Pack – Double Moisture Layers

This Asian skin care method takes your beauty sleep to the next level! Korean women often love using two layers of moisturizer. The first is a lightweight emulsion to hydrate your face after cleansing it, while the second layer can be applied only when the first layer completely absorbs. It is a richer night cream that will protect your skin as you sleep, forming what’s called a sleeping pack.

Whether you’re new to Asian skin care or a K-beauty junkie, Sebamed can be integrated into your routine seamlessly. Our wide range of cleansers and moisturizers suit any skin type and protect you against irritants with ease. Check out our complete lineup here.

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