When to Start Using Anti-Aging Products

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Getting older is part of life. We all know the feeling of finding a grey hair, a new wrinkle, or an age spot in the mirror. Though we wish we can slow down or even stop the hands of time, aging is something we just have to accept. However, there are products out there that can help us retain a youthful look. But, aren’t you wondering exactly when to start using anti-aging products? When do you need to treat yourself to an eye cream or a night serum? We say it’s never too early to introduce one or two anti-aging products into your routine. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to build an effective anti-aging plan.

Aging Starts Early

The exact time when signs of aging appear depends on your genes. For many of us, the aging process begins in our early 20s. Though you may not see any wrinkles right away, the skin’s maturation is taking place below the surface. Not seeing any wrinkles today doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see any tomorrow!

We also should consider what anti-aging products actually do. Many of these products are designed to fight future signs of aging, not to reverse the ones that have already appeared. It’s all about getting ahead of the aging process. So, if you don’t see any crow’s feet or age spots, or if you see one or two here and there, now’s the perfect time to start!

Look At Your Lifestyle

If you drink a lot, smoke, or go out in the sun without SPF (it happens!), you’re at a greater risk for premature aging. Fear not; you can get ahead of it by changing your skin care routine. While age-fighters can protect you against wrinkles and dark spots, you can go the extra mile by making a few changes that’ll help you stay youthful in the long run. Limit your alcohol intake, exercise, and wear sunscreen! Your skin will thank you.

Baby Steps!

Using too much retinol too soon may actually make the products less effective. When you’re in your 20s, there’s no need to load up on anti-aging skin care. We recommend gradually incorporating products into your routine as you get older. Early 20s? Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a night cream. 30s? Those two, plus an eye cream. 40s and beyond? All of the above, in addition to a night serum. Your skin care routine should evolve as you age.

Aging can be daunting, but Sebamed is here to help. Our anti-aging products contain Q10, an enzyme with antioxidant properties that is vital in slowing down the aging process. Fighting signs of aging while being gentle on your skin? Yes, please! Check out our wrinkle-fighting rockstars here.

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