6 Acne Home Remedies

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Acne sucks. Your skin feels oily and bumpy and it seems like the breakouts take forever to go away. Luckily, there are dozens of treatments out there for you to choose from. Topical treatments, such as cleansers, spot gels, and creams, can be extremely effective when used correctly, but don’t disregard natural, homeopathic solutions. Our roundup of acne home remedies help to supplement your skin care routine without drying you out or creating the need for new products. Keep this list handy and your breakouts will be banished for good!

1.) Honey

Possibly the sweetest of our acne home remedies, honey has antibiotic properties that can fight acne-causing bacteria. It’s also the most versatile: you can either apply it directly on your breakouts or create a mask with oatmeal. The best part? You probably already have it in your kitchen!

2.) Green Tea

Much like honey, green tea fights bacteria, but it gets a few bonus points by also containing antioxidants. We recommend using a (cooled!) cup of green tea as a face cleanser or placing the steeped bag on your breakouts to let the goodness sink into your skin.

3.) Aspirin

Aspirin fights inflammation and already lives in your medicine cabinet! It’s also bursting with salicylic acid, an acne remedy that is notorious for drying up pimples. We suggest making a paste with it by crushing or dissolving a few pills in water and applying it to your skin.

4.) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a rockstar when it comes to healing properties; it fights burns, reduces inflammation, and can even lessen the appearance of scarring. In this case, the purer the better–scrape the gel from the leaves of the plant or purchase it from your favorite health food store.

5.) Banana Peel

Think banana peels belong in the trash? Think again! Banana peels contain lucetin, which reduces inflammation and swelling all while promoting the growth of healthy cells. Gently rub the inside of the peel onto your skin in circular motions and rinse after 30 minutes

6.) Steam

Steam opens your pores like magic, allowing the impurities in your skin to see themselves out. It also increases the effectiveness of the products you use. Boiling a large pot of water and letting it cool, pouring it into a bowl, and trapping the steam with a towel over your head is the best way to take advantage of its powers.

When building your skin care routine, we suggest implementing acne home remedies while using products that effectively fight breakouts. Our Clear Face product line targets impurities in the skin, without drying you out! Check out our favorite acne fighters here.

acne home remedies

  1. They do the tests and they run clinical trials and
    so forth, but let’s be honest, nature is nature and no drug rival it.
    Your skin might even be troubled and breakout more for the week or two while you are about the
    acne treatment. Simply smear some aloe vera on fingers or even a
    Q-tip, sign up for that person, chest, and back (or wherever the acne breakouts can be), and allow it

  2. The truth is that clean skin, whilst important isn’t the source of acne.
    A high demand for acne remedies has resulted due to great deal of afflicted people.
    Palo Alto Medical Foundation stated that washing the face constantly
    can cause your pores to become infected thus causing more acne.

    1. We agree 🙂 That’s why we like to stick to washing our faces no more than twice a day!

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