6 Pregnancy Skin Care Myths

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If you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, you know that pregnancy comes hand in hand with unsolicited advice from almost everyone you know. Unfortunately, there are about a million and one myths about being pregnant. With everyone trying to help you, chances are you’ll hear many of the same things more than once. These myths range from ways to predict the baby’s gender to old wives’ tales about labor. While we’d love to bust every myth in the book, we’ll stick to what we know best. Here are 6 common pregnancy skin care myths, debunked. Stop believing them and enjoy a healthy pregnancy and healthy skin.

Pregnancy Skin Care Myth #1: Avoid Skin Care

Is there ever a time when you should stop caring for your largest and most visible organ? Heck no! Your skin protects you and your unborn child from harmful pollutants and allergens, so pregnancy skin care is an absolute must! We recommend using products without parabens and salicylic acid on your sensitive skin.

Pregnancy Skin Care Myth #2: The Glow is Real

Everyone talks about that pregnancy glow. While some pregnant women look extra radiant, not every woman experiences pregnancy in the same way, which means not all women will be glowing more than their favorite highlighter. In fact, some women may experience dry skin and intense itchiness during pregnancy. If this is the case for you, opt for gentler products that support and restore your skin barrier.

Pregnancy Skin Care Myth #3: Cocoa Butter Reduces Stretch Marks

Sigh…if only this was true. There is no moisturizer that can penetrate your skin deeply enough to reverse the effects of stretch marks, so embrace them! We think they add character to your skin. Plus, if you apply too much cocoa butter too often, you put yourself at risk for rashes.

Pregnancy Skin Care Myth #4: The Presence of Stretch Marks is Genetic

While we’re on the topic of stretch marks, let’s address this myth, too. Every pregnancy is different. Your mother may have gotten crazy stretch marks when she was pregnant with you, but you may not get any at all. In the same vein, you may not see stretch marks with your first child, but you might get them with your second. Or third. Or fourth. There’s just no way of predicting how your skin will react to your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Skin Care Myth #5: No More Hair Dyes!

Some pregnant women worry about whether or not the chemicals found in hair dyes and other treatments are potentially harmful to an unborn child. Turns out, though, that these chemicals are absorbed into the skin in minimal amounts that are not high enough to harm the fetus. So, feel free to head to the salon!

Pregnancy Skin Care Myth #6: Say Goodbye to Manis

Think you have to skip your weekly manicures? Not true! However, there’s not that much information on the effects of the chemical DBP, which improves the staying power of nail polish, so choose brands that offer lacquers without this ingredient. Revlon, Urban Decay, and OPI are about to become your new faves.

If you’re looking for skin care products gentle enough for your pregnancy (and your future child), check out Sebamed’s wide range of creams, washes, hair care, and baby products. Our line works to restore your skin barrier, protecting you and your skin against conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. The best pregnancy skin care choice is one click away!

Pregnancy skin care myths

  1. Hello is sebamed antibacterial cleansing foam safe during pregnancy as ots left 5 minites morning and evening? Is montaline safe?

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