Baby’s Bathtime 101: 10 Steps for the Perfect Bath

All Posts, For Babies April 20, 2017
baby's bathtime

All babies love a good bath. Something about splashing around in a tub filled with bubbles and colorful plastic toys brings the cutest smiles to their faces! Many parents also find that baby’s bathtime is a great opportunity to bond with their child. And, we agree! To make bathtime even better, we’ve created this infographic on 10 ways to give your baby the perfect bath. Keep it handy for a bath that’ll keep both your child (and their skin!) happy and healthy.

baby's bathtime

When bathing your child, it’s important to remember that babies are not born with a skin barrier. As a result, young children are more vulnerable to skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. The acid mantle forms over time, so we recommend choosing products that foster the development of the skin barrier. Products like these also work to protect baby from skin irritants. When used together, gentle yet effective shampoos, body washes, and moisturizers fight dry skin and help the development of baby’s acid mantle.

Yet, baby’s skin care routine can only do so much. Taking further measures against irritation helps to fill in the gaps. Use lukewarm water instead of hot and be sure to rinse all of the shampoo and soap off of baby’s skin. Soft cloths and towels won’t pull on or scratch the skin. We suggest combining all of these elements to stabilize baby’s acid mantle once it forms.

If your child has trouble sleeping, gas problems, or issues with circulation, add a little massage to baby’s bathtime routine. The gentle stimulation of the skin not only helps you bond with your baby, but also eases any tension in baby’s body. Sounds good to us!

Make the most out of baby’s bathtime with products that promote healthy skin with every use. Sebamed’s baby line is trusted by moms everywhere to protect baby’s skin against irritation and help their skin barrier develop successfully. Check out the complete lineup here.

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